SigmaPAY For Everyone

No bank account, No worries – our SigmaPAY app gives you access to fast and instant payment for online, in-person and in-app transactions FOR EVERYONE

Instant scan and pay

Instantly generate QR code, let your customer scan and pay. It is Simple Easy and Fast. Our secured SigmaPAY mobile to mobile, mobile to web QR scan gives you access to pay anytime, anywhere. No cash or card is required – simply pay with your mobile.

Inventory Management

Managing inventories do not have to be a nightmare anymore. With our automated inventory management, you can manage your inventories on the go as simple as A.B.C. Get access to your inventory on the web, in-mobile, in desktop – Fast-Simple-Easy.

  • Track and account for your inventories in real time
  • Automated FIFO/LIFO
  • Accurate forecasting and market prediction with AI
  • Access and manage your inventory anytime, anywhere
  • Get real time information on what is happening at your business
  • Quick bar code scanning (Coming Soon)
  • Automated Checkout and payment
  • Receive daily stock alerts
  • Reduce cost, improve cash flow, grow your business


Reach your customer and more customers

Communicate directly with your customers. Market your product and services directly to your customers. Create customized marketing campaigns for your products and services for social media marketing through SigmaPAY app. Engage your customers on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and build more awareness on your brand and business through the app.

Financial Management

Don’t Lose Money Anymore: With SigmaPAY, you can manage your finances in more convenient way as you desire. With our quickbooks-like financial management platform, you can access your sales, revenues, expenses, all at your fingertips. A simple way to more accountable and know where your money goes. You do not have to afraid of your salesperson anymore. Your business, your control.

  • Track your sales
  • Know and review your revenues
  • Know and control your expenses
  • Budget and plan your finances
  • Automatically organize your finances


SigmaPAY payroll lets you manage your employees effectively and pay salaries directly to your employees from the app.

  • Pay employees’ salaries on time.
  • Register employees online and help employees manage their accounts online
  • Track employee hours and manage their schedules.
  • Pay your employees from anywhere from the mobile app.

SigmaPAY Gift Card

Merchants can start to create, customize, and send gift cards to customers. Gift cards are redeemed to the wallet and customers can instantly buy products from their wallets.

  • Create a gift card
  • Customize your gift for any purpose (Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Funeral, Matriculations, ETC)
  • Send your gift card to anyone
  • Instant redeem your gift card and use in any shop of your choice