What you can do with SigmaPAY

Virtual Cards

Businesses can also create and give virtual cards to employees or other business partners for payment with limited transaction amount the card can contain.

Bills and Utilities

Settle your bills from the comfort of your home without having to visit the offices of these organisations and make your payments instant..
  • Electricity
  • Cable TV
  • Events
  • Flights
  • Bus Transportation fares
  • Others

Business Payment

Open a business account in minutes and get a customized business card instantly.

The success of your business rests on your ability to receive payments easily from anyone. We are providing you with many options customers can use to pay you and to remove the stress and challenges with banking.

Pay and receive payment from your vendors, suppliers, customers in-store and online through instant ACH, Wire Checks, and invoicing.

Create customized business cards and manage different payments for different needs. With a business bank account opened in your business name, all payments go directly to your bank account. Accept payment using a Mobile card reader connected to your phone, QR code, payment link and transfers.

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