What is SigmaPAY?
SigmaPAY is a one-stop platform for all your business and banking needs.
What can I do with SigmaPAY?

You can :

  • Open a bank account in SigmaPAY from your home.
  • Pay and get paid for your products and services.
  • Automate and manage your inventory, payroll, Finance, Customers.
  • Accept payment with QR code, Debit card, Bank account, Transfer.
  • Sell your products online (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) and in-store.
  • Communicate with your team.

Can I use SigmaPAY if my business is not registered:
SigmaPAY is a platform meant for registered businesses, unregistered business - we help you register your business, and for creators.
How do I open a business?
How do I open a SigmaPAY account?
You can open a SigmaPAY account for free by following this link.

Business Banking

How do I open a bank account?
You can open a bank account by following this link
What do I need to open a bank account?
You will need your basic information, identification like Driver’s license, International passport, Voters card and 2 references.


What can I use to accept payment?
You can accept payment from your customers using QR code, bank account, Charging their debit card, payment link, and transfers.

Business Management

How do I use SigmaPAY to manage my business?
You can use SigmaPAY to automate and manage your business with our automated inventory management to manage your stocks, Payroll to manage your employees, Financial Management to manage your money - expenses, income, profits, lost, etc.
Can I send invoices to my customers?
Yes, you can send automated invoices to your customers and get paid faster.
Can I manage my business on mobile and web platforms?
Yes, you can manage your business on any platform - web, mobile phones and tablets.
Can I monitor my business from any location?
Absolutely, SigmaPAY keeps your business running 24/7, helping you to track and monitor your anytime, anywhere


Can I sell online?
How do I sell on social media?

Shipping & Delivery

Will my Product be shipped to me?
Yes, your product will be shipped to the address you indicated during your checkout.
How long does it take for my product to arrive?
It takes between 5 -10 days depending on your location. We are currently shipping to a few states - Lagos, Abuja, Ogun and Kano. We will continue to update more locations. See our disclaimer here.
Can I pay on Delivery?
Yes, you can pay when your product is delivered.
What happens if my product is damaged?
If your product is damaged when it was delivered, you will be required to send pictures of the damaged product. We can only refund or ship new products if pictures were sent 12 hours after delivery

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