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payments, inventory management, connect to your customers

Our merchants can now accept payment instantly from their phone without the need for cash or bank card while managing their inventory, customers, finances, sales and payroll.

  • Instant scan and pay

    Secured Payment – Instantly generate QR code for payment, let your customer scan and pay

  • Inventory management

    Managing inventories do not have to be a nightmare anymore. With our automated

  • Connect

    Reach your customer and more customers: SigmaPAY Connect is a marketing tool that

  • Financial management

    Don’t lose money anymore With SigmaPAY, you can manage your finances in more convenient

  • Payroll

    SigmaPAY payroll system allows businesses to manage their employee payroll

  • SigmaPAY gift card

    Merchants can start to create, customize, and send gift cards to customers. Gift cards


SigmaPAY is Secured with the most advanced security system.

The safety of your information and transactions are our No. 1 priority. We utilize the most advanced automated fraud detection system to protect our customers' information and transactions. We pride ourselves in giving you the absolute peace of mind while you use our app.

about SigmaPAY

SigmaPAY is payment and business management platform that gives businesses access to manage their businesses seamlessly and individuals access to accept and receive payment using their mobile phones instead of cash or card transactions. We are committed to helping your business grow with our innovative business tools integrated with mobile QR code payment in your palm and helping you to reduce cost of management and increase revenues.


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