Grow your business by 10x

One-stop platform to manage and automate

Running your business should not be stressful, save time, automate your business operations, get more customers and grow your business by 10x
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One platform for all your business needs.

Seamless management of your business, helping you to be more productive, reduce cost, increase revenue and grow your business.

Secure payments

Accept payment faster and securely from your customers using QR code, payment links, POS, and transfers. No more running to banks, your money in your bank account instantly.

Automated Inventory

Say goodbye to managing your inventory in books. Now you can automate and manage your products on one platform. Have full control of your inventory and fulfillment.

Automated Payroll
(Coming Soon)

You do not need to go through bank stress before you can pay your employees. Simply manage your employees and pay salaries just from the comfort of your home. No hassles, no worries.

Business Invoicing

Never wait to get paid. Create professional invoices and get paid faster.



What you can do with SigmaPAY


Make a seamless transaction at a single click and on a single platform

The world has become more orderly, and the advantages are almost unimaginable. Allow your customers to make seamless payments, and you can make payments to everyone in the world.
  • Bank account
  • Bank Transfer
  • QR Scan
  • POS (Coming Soon)
  • Automated Payroll & Tax, Invoicing
Automated Inventory

Manage all your inventory on a single platform and reach your customers anywhere in the world

With our advanced and automated inventory system, you can manage your inventory anytime, anywhere. Get everything in one place.
  • Track your product live
  • Single product update
  • Bulk product update
  • Bulk image upload
  • Sharing on all social platform
Point of Sales (POS)

Connected to our automated inventory system, Our POS helps you streamline time-consuming business tasks, process every sale and take care of your administrative tasks efficiently.

SigmaPAY POS allows you to accept payments, print barcodes, manage sales, get sales reports and track every sale. Your payments are deposited directly to your bank account.

What our app offers

Creating the best viable product to meet users needs


With our advance transfer, request, and SigmaTag features, you can send funds to your users in a matter of seconds.


Use our advance transfer, request, and SigmaTag features to instantly transfer funds to your users.


Access all your details from a single dashboard

The SigmaPAY dashboard provides you with a thorough understanding of all the details you'll need to make informed financial and business decisions.

Access to every transaction

Keeping track of everything can be difficult at times, and we can lose sight of the most important things, such as our finances. With our strong platform, you can access all of your transactions in one place and export the data.

Get access to loans

Experiencing an emergency can be awful, and it's made worse when there's no easy way to get immediate funding. With our one-of-a-kind loaning platform, you can get immediate access to any amount to fix your issues.

Utility settlement

Life can be hectic, and we may forget to pay our bills, only to become angry when things stop working. The utility settlement feature keeps you on track and ensures that bills are paid on time.

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